Forte dei Marmi – Vittoria Apuana

Forte dei Marmi is one of the best known luxury resorts on the Italian and international scene. The small Tuscan town located along the Versilia coast boasts an extremely prestigious geographical position: washed by the Mediterranean Sea on one side and enclosed by the Apuan Alps on the other. This position mitigates the climate in both summer and winter, allowing a pleasant and peaceful life.

Moreover, Forte dei Marmi is in an optimal position to reach art cities such as Lucca, Florence or Pisa and the fantastic Cinque Terre in Liguria. Milan and the country’s major economic centres can be easily reached.

Forte dei Marmi’s celebrity is not only due to the presence of boutiques, bathing establishments and high-class clubs, but also to its history, location and high cultural and artistic level. A mix of factors that over time have made Forte dei Marmi ‘the place to be’.

The town centre is certainly the liveliest area throughout the year. Events follow one another and animate its streets and seafront. Boutiques, art and culture, accommodation centres, nightclubs, starred restaurants and much more.

Forte dei Marmi is divided into various districts, each with characteristic and unique features that together provide a perfect mix for every need. Centro, Roma Imperiale, Vittoria Apuana and Caranna.

History and success

Vittoria Apuana is a testimony to the region’s rich history and cultural heritage. From its humble beginnings to its evolution into a popular destination, the history of Vittoria Apuana is one of growth, elegance and timeless charm.

During the Renaissance era, Vittoria Apuana witnessed increased development and relevance. Michelangelo’s marble quarries in Carrara gained prominence and marble from this region was used to create some of the most iconic sculptures and architectural marvels of the era. As this marble was transported from the quarries to various destinations, including Florence and Rome, the district became a vital stop along the way, facilitating trade and transport.

At the end of the 19th century, Vittoria Apuana began its transformation into a luxurious coastal destination with the advent of the railway system, which made its stunning natural beauty, sandy beaches and serene landscapes accessible.

At the end of the war, SIPE, a company operating in the manufacture of explosives for marble quarries, decided to parcel out the land, which was taken by the Società Cooperativa Anonima Vittoria Apuana, from which the district’s name derives.

He thus attracted the attention of wealthy travellers seeking a rest from the urban hustle and bustle. The construction of elegant villas and holiday homes marked the beginning of Vittoria Apuana’s reputation as an exclusive retreat.

Then, during the 20th century, the district became a centre for sumptuous villas of nobles, artists and celebrities. In particular, many Italian and international personalities, including actors, writers and politicians, were attracted to the tranquillity and elegance of the district.

The bathing establishments and dunes of Forte dei Marmi

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The Vittoria Apuana district in Forte dei Marmi is renowned not only for its fascinating history, but also for its exclusive beach facilities and beach clubs. These sophisticated venues have evolved over the years, offering a unique experience of luxury and impeccable service.

A notable gem in the Vittoria Apuana district is the prestigious Alpemare bathing establishment, owned by the famous and renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli. The bathing establishment offers a fusion of sophistication and serenity, creating a unique atmosphere that invites visitors to immerse themselves in a coastal paradise. The car service has made it possible to maintain the typical Mediterranean pine forest that immediately immerses guests in an oasis of peace. The establishment provides tents with private cabins and personalised services.

Another popular beach resort is the Gilda: a destination that embodies a refined balance between luxury and authenticity. In addition to the countless amenities offered by the beach, what makes the Gilda beach club truly unique are its restaurant and villa of the same name.

A charming ambience on the Versilia beach where you can enjoy unique and precious flavours. Local dishes and specialities are served according to the canons of international cuisine, always original and in step with the times.

The villa, in an elevated position overlooking the entire coastline, represents authentic Italian hospitality blended with genuine luxury to create a relaxing and elegant living experience. The colours, from light shades of beige to grey, and the furnishings, enriched with Italian design objects from the 1950s and 1960s, make each room unique to be fully experienced.

The Protected Natural Area ‘Dune di Forte dei Marmi’ is an unspoilt testimony to the delicate balance between nature and human conservation efforts. This coastal jewel, set in the Vittoria Apuana district of Forte dei Marmi, displays a fascinating landscape of sand dunes, lush Mediterranean vegetation and vibrant flora and fauna. Designated as a protected area since 2008 and managed by the WWF Alta Toscana, the Forte dei Marmi Dune plays a crucial role in safeguarding the coastal ecosystem. It represents the only stretch of the Tuscan coastline that unites the natural dunes with the retro-dunal woodland and is rich in plants that are rare for the Italian coastal environment, such as the Solidago litoralis Savi, the Centaurea aplolepa subciliata and the marvellous Anthemis maritima. Visitors are invited to explore its paths, where the gentle sea breeze carries the scent of pines and shrubs, offering a peaceful escape from urban life.

Villas and hotels

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In the heart of the charming Vittoria Apuana district stands a refined world of villas that embody a unique blend of history, art, green spaces and timeless elegance. These sumptuous mansions tell centuries-old stories, weaving the textures of the past with modern conveniences in a harmonious embrace.

These mansions are true works of architectural art with their imposing façades and interiors embellished with fascinating details. Outside, the lush gardens, decorated with exotic plants and colourful flowers, offer a haven of peace and serenity. These green spaces become places of relaxation, where guests can immerse themselves in the sound of the wind through the trees and breathe in the sea breeze nearby.

Vittoria Apuana has been the home of internationally renowned artists and personalities. Among the many artists, we can mention Arturo Dazzi and his assistant Ugo Guidi, to whom a House Museum is now dedicated. Arturo Dazzi had a villa built near his workshop in which one of his works depicting a goose of flowers can still be seen today.

Andrea Bocelli is perhaps the most iconic and best known of the celebrities living in the district. His ‘Alpebella’ house overlooking the promenade and the sea is often the location for events and evenings to which the world’s greats are invited. The Italian tenor’s focus on organising charity events is also noteworthy.

Among the hotels in the Vittoria Apuana district of Forte dei Marmi, Villa Grey represents the pinnacle of timeless elegance. This historic villa perfectly blends the charm of the past with the convenience of modern amenities. Every corner is a testament to craftsmanship and refinement, where sumptuous interiors meet sweeping views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The villa’s meticulously designed suites and rooms reflect a harmony of classic aesthetics and contemporary comforts, ensuring an unforgettable stay.

Among the various amenities that make this property so well-known and popular are private and tailor-made concierge services, a private beach and private garden suites. Villa Grey also offers cuisine of the highest standard and is a perfect location for weddings and dream events.

Art and culture

The Vittoria Apuana district is permeated by art in every corner. During the 20th century, it experienced a period of great splendour thanks to figures such as Arturo Dazzi, who were able to attract leading luminaries from all over the world to their studios. These artists helped transform Vittoria Apuana into an international crossroads of creativity and innovation, leaving an indelible imprint on the local art scene and beyond.

In the heart of this cultural paradise stands the renowned Villa Bertelli Foundation, a beacon of creativity and artistic expression. The foundation is a testimony to the rich history and lively art scene that has thrived in the region for decades. Originally built as a luxurious villa in the early 20th century, Villa Bertelli has been transformed into a centre where tradition and contemporary art come together in perfect harmony.

The Villa Bertelli Foundation hosts a diverse range of cultural events and exhibitions throughout the year. From fascinating art exhibitions spanning various mediums to engaging performances embracing music, dance and theatre, the foundation caters to the eclectic tastes of locals and visitors alike. It acts as a bridge between the traditional and the modern, inviting guests to explore the dynamic evolution of art and culture over time.

Carefully curated exhibitions present not only local artists, but also attract talent from around the world, fostering a cultural exchange that enriches Vittoria Apuana’s artistic landscape. The district itself with its elegant architecture and serene coastal setting creates an atmosphere as inspiring as it is relaxing.


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The Vittoria Apuana district is not only a haven for art, culture and luxury, but also offers a lively and stimulating sports scene that harmonises perfectly with its natural beauty. One of the district’s main attractions is the beautiful coastline, which provides the ideal backdrop for water sports. Enthusiasts can be seen surfing the waves, kayaking along the crystal-clear waters and sailing against the gentle sea breeze. The district’s beaches, characterised by golden sand and azure waters, serve as a training ground for athletes and a leisure centre for families seeking active relaxation.

The district is also famous for its sports hall where the roller hockey team plays, a discipline in which Forte dei Marmi is Italian and European champion.

The Aliboni Cherubini sports centre offers football and basketball courts, while Tennis Italia is the perfect place to play tennis among friends or with a personal coach. Finally, the district’s parks provide the perfect environment for jogging, yoga sessions and outdoor workouts.