However particular, with a little fear towards the unknown and placing ourselves with the utmost respect towards others, summer 2020 arrived at the end of July. It is not yet time to make definitive budgets but surely, we can try to sum up to date.

The media had created terrorism by narrating a probable summer season confined to the margins of our cities, with reports on future scenarios related to real estate from horror films.

Forte dei Marmi has obtained a force majeure from this bad situation, who would not have preferred to quarantine here?

Forte dei Marmi has created new potential buyers, even more qualities have emerged such as its ease of being reached, the sea, the greenery, exclusive villas, luxury hotels, its services; against all expectations, he consolidated his position by continuing to take care of the details.

Testimony of what means 360 ° attention is the delivery of the 2020 Blue Flag, recognition obtained by the Municipality for the 30th consecutive time. Covid has created many sufferings and restrictions but has also allowed us to better understand how important it is to enjoy our time, it has not been able to stop the desire for a holiday.

Already during the lockdown there was a perceived desire to escape, there were many requests for villas with swimming pools, a solution considered the safest from the health point of view, where social distancing is guaranteed without having to share common spaces with other guests and a management of cleanliness of the rooms managed independently.

As we had foreseen in the article of May 8, it is a full-sold summer in Forte dei Marmi.

The obvious data of this summer season is the change of customers, it is a predominantly Italian, refined and elegant Forte dei Marmi.

The prospects for the second part of the season are even more encouraging with the opening of borders for historical customers from Russia who will surely have a great desire to have fun after this forced enclosure.

Topics addressed and recognized also by the mass media at national level, is demonstrated by the transmission of the Mediaset group “Stasera Italia” which tried to give an insight into what happens in Forte dei Marmi in the summer of Covid, highlighting the great strength attraction that generates this location, is a niche where who can, wants to be there … manages to be worldly and desired despite everything.

In the episode, a small note of pride also for our group, because the images of the villas that have been used for the service come from our social channels.

Another sold out this year is registered at sea: especially on weekends it is almost impossible to find a yacht charter, as it is difficult for the owner to find a berth.

It is a summer where we start from the choice of the company, there is less sharing with the outside, we make selection and enjoy our jewels in intimacy.


Our team, personally selects all the proposals, in addition to the villa we are able to offer you exclusive services such as renting a yacht, the car of your dreams, we can let you have one of our selected chefs, we can pick you up at the airport or be followed by our personal trainers . We only want the best for you!

In addition to the lease, the sale following the Covid emergency has also made it possible to rediscover the pleasure of using a second home.

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