Seven good reasons to rent a seaside villa

Hotel or private home? Buy or rent? There are many solutions for holidays, and one is not necessarily the best one. For example, renting: at certain times of life it can be the most suitable answer. Here are seven good reasons to rent a seaside villa.

Seven good reasons to rent a seaside villa 1

1. An exclusive space

Those who do not like to return to the same place every year for their holidays often choose a hotel. And certainly places like Versilia, and Forte dei Marmi in particular, offer the highest quality hospitality.

Even the most luxurious and cosy of hotels, however, involves a certain sharing of space, schedules, rules that, especially on holiday (and especially if you have small children), can be a limitation.

A rented house means having a space all to yourself, to be shared only with family and friends, with no timetable to follow, and organising your own days in complete autonomy.

A villa with a garden, swimming pool and outdoor spaces is the ideal place to organise dinners with friends, parties for children and adults, perhaps using one of the many excellent catering services available in the area.

2. A test run with a view to purchase

Buying a house is always an important decision, which in any case binds us to one and only one location. Not everyone is ready to take this step, and many may be undecided on where to choose.

Renting a house is a great way to get to know and evaluate an area thoroughly, to understand if it is our favourite place, if we really want to spend our next holiday there in a house that is ours. A sort of test, in short, also to understand which area we like best: in the centre or secluded, more or less close to the beach and other services.

Seven good reasons to rent a seaside villa 2

3. The high quality of made in Tuscany

Forte dei Marmi and Versilia, but in fact the whole of Tuscany in general, is one of the areas where the quality of the real estate offer, also in the field of rentals, is among the highest not in Italy, but in the world. There you will find solutions of absolute excellence, villas with all the requirements for a holiday in beauty and tranquillity, with every comfort, from the swimming pool to the spa, tastefully furnished and perfectly efficient.

4. Do not tie up capital

From a strictly economic-financial point of view, renting offers an obvious advantage. The capital to buy a villa in Forte dei Marmi or in equally prestigious locations is not indifferent, and one does not always have the desire or the convenience to immobilise it. With renting, one can enjoy all the advantages of a home for oneself, while keeping the capital available for other uses.

Seven good reasons to rent a seaside villa 3

5. Free to choose

Even more decisive can be, for many, the possibility of remaining free to choose, from time to time, where to spend their holidays. This flexibility concerns not only the location, but also the type of house: more or less large, closer or closer to the centre or the sea. A family’s needs change over time, especially when there are growing children or elderly relatives, and one is not always ready or willing to make a demanding choice like buying.

6. Flexible duration

Flexibility in the rental duration should also not be forgotten: it is possible to limit it to the holiday month, or for the entire summer or even the whole year, to take advantage of the good weather on weekends. In this case, too, the rental can be adapted to each individual’s needs.

7. All-round services

Lastly, The Dream Real Estate offers its clients an all-round range of services to make their holidays truly unforgettable and carefree: from the rental of luxury cars, with and without a chauffeur, to transport by plane or helicopter, to the chartering of magnificent yachts.

Seven good reasons to rent a seaside villa 4

Our proposals

The Dream Real Estate offers a wide choice of rental properties, varying in size, structure and area, but always characterised by the highest quality of facilities, services, furnishings and comfort.

Per esempio Villa Da Vinci, nella zona più esclusiva di Forte dei Marmi, Roma Imperiale. L’ampia dimensione (circa 700 metri quadri) e le caratteristiche ne fanno una residenza “hollywoodiana”, con il grande e curatissimo giardino, la splendida piscina con idromassaggio e gli spazi esterni, vivibili in ogni ora del giorno e della sera.

Si trova invece a Vittoria Apuana, anch’essa zona di gran pregio, Villa Catia, una residenza di 350 metri quadri, con giardino e piscina riscaldata, jacuzzi e trampolino per i tuffi. Villa Catia è stata costruita di recente, adottando materiali naturali e metodi avanzati di tecnologia domotica a risparmio energetico, e con grande attenzione per l’arredo e l’illuminazione.

Da poco ristrutturata, Villa Giovi offre infine la vicinanza al centro di Forte dei Marmi, ma anche la privacy e la tranquillità di una strada poco trafficata anche nel periodo estivo. L’ampio giardino accoglie una magnifica piscina, la zona solarium e un accogliente portico, confortevole anche nelle giornate più calde.