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We are a real estate agency specialized in the luxury sector.

We are your partner of reference for the sale, purchase or rental of luxury properties in Tuscany and Liguria.

We are real estate professionals: we follow every step with care and we passionately enhance the properties entrusted to us.

We manage the purchase, sale or rental of different types of houses: from the modern and design villa to the Tuscan castle with a high historical value. One is the common denominator: quality.

Excellence above all.

What can we do for you? We offer many services: from support in the planning, construction and renovation of properties, to strategic marketing for their promotion.

We are available to follow you in the best possible way and listen to your needs in every part of the process.


Francesco Mottini

Founder and director

Francesco began his career in the Real Estate world after having worked as an architect for several years, working with international clients between Italy and various foreign countries including China, India, Russia and the USA.

After a trip to California, he was captivated by the charm of the world of luxury real estate and the new marketing possibilities applicable to this market.

So he decides to found together with his business partner Massimiliano Dentelli a new idea of ​​Real Estate company based on an innovative marketing in the Italian national context.

Since then, The Dream Real Estate has continued to grow by more than 50% each year, increasing its listings of luxury properties in Tuscany and Liguria. The target? To become one of the most dynamic realities in the Italian Luxury context in the near future.

“The difference between one successful person and another is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”

Massimiliano Dentelli

Founder and Real Estate Agent

Massimiliano entered the world of Real Estate in the early 2000s, forging his knowledge in an analytical and methodical way never taking anything for granted, trying to understand from his victories and failures how to improve himself every day.

The friendship with Francesco leads them over the years to have various shared professional experiences in the field of architecture and to confront each other in foreign countries such as China and Eastern Europe. Together they develop the will to focus on a new challenge in the field of Luxury Real Estate, rewriting the approaches and rules used in this business until then.

“In recent years the world of real estate has greatly evolved and this new adventure with The Dream Real Estate team is particularly fascinating. We operate in unique and prestigious contexts, with the aim of creating new communication, ad personam web marketing plans, creation of unique and professional contents. Synergies with architects, developers and high-value figures operating in the local area transform our clients' dreams into reality."

Elisabetta Bertozzi

Property Finder

Elisabetta studied Cultural Heritage at the University of Pisa focusing, in the studies and experiences carried out, on the historical-artistic aspect of Architectural Heritage.

She has worked and collaborated with architecture studios and joined our team as a consultant for historic homes.

"I believe that working as a consultant in the field of historical residences and luxury properties allows you to have a transversal approach to the built environment, giving you the opportunity to directly enjoy places and fabrics that tell a story and contributing to the possibility that it will continue, getting rich, starting a relationship with the customer, based on professionalism, trust and dedication to this vision.”

Iryna Chekhovska

Real Estate Advisor

Iryna has a degree in International Economics with years of experience in the luxury industry. Initially, Real Estate was simply a hobby but over time she has developed a determination to devote herself exclusively to the luxury Real Estate industry.

"Working in the luxury real estate business in a country as enchanting as Italy. It is a country surrounded by stunning coastlines, with the most beautiful historic cities in the world, beautiful lakes, ski resorts and dream islands.

It gives us the opportunity to present our valued clients with properties in exclusive and prestigious settings. My goal is to make their dreams come true by transforming them into reality and meeting the needs of an international clientele is a key element."

Celeste Rigo

Real Estate Advisor

Before embracing this career, she traveled the world, immersing herself in the fashion environment and building relationships throughout the industry.

Her passion for the beauty of the world led her to explore different cultures and lifestyles.

Now, she puts that passion to work for her clients, helping them find not just a home, but a lifestyle that perfectly fits their needs.

"The path is chosen by ourselves, fate is the shadow of those steps. Rely on us to live in a dream.."

Niccolò Di Giovanni

Property Finder

Niccolò has been operating in the luxury hospitality sector for years, developing problem solving skills, the ability to weave and maintain relationships with various personalities and aspects concerning a high-end international clientele.

Valuable resource in our team, able to bring added value that allows us to offer our customers ad-personal assistance.

"Being able to anticipate the needs and requests of the customer means getting to give something more, apparently ineffable, but which instead represents the distinctive character of our work".

Samuele Chelini

Property Finder

After his studies in the tourism sector, Samuele obtained a master’s degree in Digital Marketing, pursuing an international career with significant experience at global companies such as Facebook, Netflix and Uber.

His ability to decode the complex digital market and translate it into concrete strategies sets him apart.

His visionary approach and agility in overcoming challenges demonstrate his dedication to excellence.

"Thanks to my background, I offer a unique perspective not only to meet customers' needs, but to exceed expectations, creating a distinctive and extraordinary experience."



Davide took his first steps in real estate in 2005 in a major agency in La Spezia, becoming co-owner of his first real estate agency at only 22 years old.

Over the years he will open other agencies in La Spezzino and the province of Massa-Carrara, also opening an office on Milan. In 2020 he creates his own brand, opening an office on Sarzana to which a second office on Lerici will be added.

The mutual esteem with fellow countryman Massimiliano and the common vision of real estate make Davide become part of THE DREAM RE team, providing his experience and great enthusiasm.

"I am happy that my professional path has allowed me to start collaborating with Francesco, Massimiliano and the whole THE DREAM RE team...the key concept that unites us is very simple but not trivial: too often in our world, clients feel considered as a number, instead we like to take care of each home as if it were our own and make each client feel in their own comfort-zone."

Alessandro valori

Real Estate Advisor

Alessandro, after several years of experience in the financial-insurance world, decides to embark on a new challenge in the real estate sector.

This decision was inspired by Francesco and a pleasant incident that created this unique opportunity.

My goal is not only to expand my professional skills but also to enrich my personal experience.

I am excited to serve clients to help them fulfill their real estate dreams with dedication and passion.


"Hard work always pays off, time will introduce you to the right people, and your dreams will come true."


Real Estate Advisor

Inna, who relocated from Moscow to Italy, embraced the role of hostess on private yachts.

This experience has granted her a unique perspective on the diverse cultures and social dynamics of various cities and countries. Through her work, she has refined her ability to understand and manage client expectations, demonstrating dedication and attention to detail.

Subsequently, Inna joined the team at The Dream Real Estate, a young, ambitious, and dynamic environment.

With great enthusiasm, she became part of this wonderful team, determined to continue meeting clients’ needs in the real estate sector.