The Dream Real Estate with its integrated team of architects, engineers and construction technicians, can assist you in every phase of the development of your project. Our professionals work in different sectors, from construction to interior design.

Our team led by the architect Francesco Mottini will help you in optimizing spaces, and choosing the best finishes and materials.
Your project will be the faithful realization of your expectations.

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The Dream Real Estate offers professional assistance in planning, organizing, motivating and controlling investment and construction projects aimed at achieving the best possible result for our clients. In fact, we believe that customer satisfaction is the greatest investment a professional company can make.

The process of construction is always connected with seeking solutions of problems both usual and additional which can not be foreseen.

Especially in a foreign country where it is important to be familiar with the process itself and its hidden pitfalls, as well as the local customs, laws and language. A loss of a single detail – architectonic, engineering, constructional, legal, fiscal especially for investors who are not fiscal residents in Italy) can lead to imposing costs,sometimes even several years after the completion.

We are also specializedin the field of environmental sustainability and in the construction of zero-emission and totally energy-independent buildings.


Monitoring and careful selection of plots that are the best options for our clients.

Executing a complete set of architectural and planning documentation of title and permits issued by municipal authorities.

Management of architectural process and engineering design.

Integrated management of the project during the construction phase.


Located in Tuscany, near the Versilia coast, Villa and Winery MN is created from scratch by our team. Every element of the project has been studied and designed down to the smallest detail.

The building has zero CO2 emissions, un-plugged from the public grid as it is totally self-sufficient.

All the furnishing elements have been custom-made and personalized according to the project and the client’s tastes.

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