Forte dei Marmi – Center

Forte dei Marmi is one of the best known luxury resorts on the Italian and international scene. The small Tuscan town located along the Versilia coast boasts an extremely prestigious geographical position: washed by the Mediterranean Sea on one side and enclosed by the Apuan Alps on the other. This position mitigates the climate in both summer and winter, allowing a pleasant and peaceful life.

Moreover, Forte dei Marmi is in an optimal position to reach art cities such as Lucca, Florence or Pisa and the fantastic Cinque Terre in Liguria. Milan and the country’s major economic centres can be easily reached.

Forte dei Marmi’s celebrity is not only due to the presence of boutiques, bathing  establishments and high-class clubs, but also to its history, location and high cultural and artistic level. A mix of factors that over time have made Forte dei Marmi ‘the place to be’.

The town centre is certainly the liveliest area throughout the year. Events follow one another and animate its streets and seafront. Boutiques, art and culture, accommodation centres, nightclubs, starred restaurants and much more.

Forte dei Marmi is divided into various districts, each with characteristic and unique features that together provide a perfect mix for every need. Centro, Roma Imperiale, Vittoria Apuana and Caranna.


History and success

Almost a century has passed since Gianni Agnelli took this stretch of coastline to heart by settling in Villa Agnelli, today’s Hotel Augustus. We can say without a shadow of a doubt that the Agnelli family made a decisive contribution to the town’s fame, but Forte dei Marmi was already an important centre for the landing of marble in the 18th century, so much so that in 1788 the Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopold I decided to erect the Forte Lorense, known today as the Fortino, to protect the town and allow settlement along the coast.

The construction of the wharf, later rebuilt after the war in masonry, dates back to 1833 and is now one of the most popular and photographed symbols of the city.

Between the 1950s and 1970s we then have what is known as the golden age of Versilia. In the evening, the clubs and bathing establishments fill up with artists, celebrities and paparazzi. The parties go on all night and the day is spent on the beach lulled by the sound of the sea.

Forte dei Marmi thus became the place of celebrities and cinema: Sapore di mare (Taste of the Sea), from 1983, is the symbolic film that immediately became a cult.


The sea, the jetty and the promenade

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At the heart of this enchanting destination, one is greeted by the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea gently caressing the sandy shores.

The beautiful promenade invites locals and visitors alike to take leisurely strolls, breathe in the salty air and savour the breathtaking sunsets that paint the horizon from the jetty.

Every week many visitors come from all over the world to spend a weekend or even just a day in Forte dei Marmi to enjoy a serene and regenerating experience, where relaxation and natural beauty are harmoniously intertwined.


Bathing establishments

Forte dei Marmi’s charm extends beyond its sandy beaches, as the town boasts refined bathing establishments that provide the best services. Each one is a testament to refined luxury and offers private cabins, sunbeds and attentive service to those seeking the utmost comfort.

These establishments have become a cherished tradition for locals and international guests alike, offering an oasis of relaxation and pleasure under the warm Tuscan sun. All that is left for those who come on holiday to Forte dei Marmi is to relax with a book on a soft deckchair or take a refreshing dip in the sea.



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Not only restaurants and accommodation facilities. Forte dei Marmi is also at the forefront when it comes to places for aperitifs or a simple break.

The year 2023 has seen two realities in particular added to the city’s already well-stocked panorama. The first is “All’ Antico Vinaio”, Tommaso Mazzanti’s famous schiacciata, with its home in Florence and which has now conquered the whole world, has also landed on the beaches of Versilia and has been an immediate success.

The great gastronomic offer and quality are the strong points of this globally successful brand. The second novelty was the opening, following the acquisition of the Prada group, of the Principe café. The historic café in Forte dei Marmi reopened to the public after a few months with new energy and life. The management, like all other projects dedicated to catering, has been entrusted to the Marchesi 1824 group.

Refinement, taste, quality and service. In addition to bar and pastry services, the café also offers a cosy bistro. The interior is reminiscent of a classic Italian-style lounge with a seaside aesthetic. An ideal place to stop by after a bit of shopping.



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For fashionistas and shopaholics, Forte dei Marmi is a paradise full of boutiques and high-end designer shops.

The town has earned a reputation as a favourite shopping destination, attracting both Italian and international travellers.

The elegant streets are lined with an array of fashion houses showcasing the latest trends in clothing, accessories and jewellery. To name but a few, you can find Gucci, Prada, Emporio Armani, Luis Vitton or Rolex. In summer 2023, the Christian Dior Couture boutique will open in a 20th century villa completely renovated by the brand and decorated inside by artist Cristiano Alviti.

The space, a bit like Saint Tropez, is not only exhibition space but allows for events and evenings inside.

Indulge in some retail therapy, exploring the best Italian craftsmanship and designer brands as you stroll through this charming shopping district.


Art and culture

In addition to its sun-kissed beaches and refined charm, Forte dei Marmi boasts a thriving artistic and cultural scene.

The town’s captivating atmosphere has inspired renowned artists, writers and musicians for centuries. Visitors can explore various art galleries and exhibitions featuring contemporary and classical works of art. In addition, cultural events, music festivals and theatre performances enrich the city’s vibrant atmosphere throughout the year.

For those seeking a deeper connection to the region’s heritage, historical landmarks and museums offer a glimpse into Forte dei Marmi’s historic past. In the central square is the Fortino, a historic building dating back to 1788 called Forte Lorense, which hosts world-class exhibitions throughout the year.

It is also easy to encounter installations while strolling through the centre, such as Gustavo Velez’s exhibition ‘Being Geometric’ in 2023, which presents monumental works in marble, steel and bronze.