History and success

Positioned along the enchanting Ligurian coast, Lerici shines like a timeless gem, rightfully earning the nickname “La Perla del Golfo dei Poeti” This charming Italian town is steeped in history and success, capturing the hearts of poets, writers and travelers for centuries. Lerici’s history is woven with tales of ancient maritime trade and seafaring prowess. Its origins date back to Etruscan times and it flourished during Roman times as a port.

The city’s strategic location played a crucial role in its success, attracting merchants, artists, and scholars, including renowned poets such as Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Mary Shelley. These luminaries
were captivated by Lerici’s beauty and poetic aura, which continue to resonate with visitors today.

The castle and the alleys

Lerici 1

Lerici Castle, imposing and fascinating, stands as a silent witness to centuries past, dominating Lerici’s landscape with its historical charisma. Its ancient walls tell stories of maritime defenses and a past when the castle played a strategic role in protecting the territory. The austere and majestic architecture blends with the beauty of the Golfo dei Poeti, creating a striking contrast between its solidity and the surrounding vibrant nature.

The castle’s origins date back to the 11th century, when it was built as a defensive fortress against the pirate raids that plagued the Ligurian coast. During the 19th century it then became part of Italy’s cultural heritage and remains a place of cultural and tourist interest to this day.

But it is within the narrow streets and alleys of Lerici that the true charm of the place lies. These narrow, winding alleys, with their traditional cobblestones, offer a journey back in time. As you wander through these charming alleys, you can savor the authentic atmosphere of a medieval town and feel the connection to the past.

The secluded corners of the alleys reveal breathtaking glimpses of the sea, painting a picture of rare beauty. Fragments of shimmering blue can be glimpsed through the cracks between ancient buildings, creating a magical effect that combines architecture with the majesty of the sea. Façades painted in pastel colors, flowering windows, and cobblestone streets converge into a fascinating visual mosaic.
These picturesque alleys often lead to charming little squares, where one can sit at an outdoor café or explore local art and craft stores.

The sea and The Cinque Terre

Lerici 2

Lerici’s main attraction is undoubtedly its picturesque coastline and pristine waters. Lerici’s seascape boasts of numerous natural ravines, also known as coves, that characterize this stretch of Ligurian coastline. Small paths surrounded by greenery offer unique views and atmospheres, accompanying those who walk along them to sandy beaches bathed by crystal-clear waters. A true panacea for the mind and body Lerici’s location also makes it easy to reach by sea the fantastic Cinque Terre, a jewel set along the Ligurian coast. This fascinating stretch of coastline consists of five picturesque villages-Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. The Cinque Terre are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and enchant visitors with their breathtaking landscapes, colorful architecture, and authentic spirit.

The possibilities, however, do not stop there because by ferry you can reach other unique destinations in Liguria and Italy such as Palmaria Island or Portovenere, a charming village with a serene and relaxing atmosphere and the iconic Church of San Pietro, set on a rocky outcrop, offering spectacular views of the coast and the sea.

Restaurants and hotels

Lerici not only captivates through its landscapes; its culinary offerings also enchant the senses. The town’s waterfront is adorned with charming restaurants that invite travelers to enjoy fresh seafood and local specialties. From exquisite pasta dishes to savory Ligurian pesto, Lerici’s dining scene reflects its coastal essence, tantalizing the palate with authentic flavors.

For those seeking luxury beyond the plate, Lerici offers a selection of luxury hotels and sumptuous villas. Positioned on hilltops or next to the coast, these accommodations offer unparalleled views of the azure sea. One example is the Hotel Byron with its upscale amenities and rooms facing the blue sea that will have you living a true dream.


Lerici 3

Lerici’s villas are authentic works of art, exuding elegance and history in every detail. Villa Marigola, with its origins in the 14th century, bears witness to the town’s illustrious past. Its lush gardens, Renaissance architecture, and panoramic views offer a glimpse of the opulence that Lerici has long associated with. Villa Magni, another architectural gem, was a beloved retreat for Percy Bysshe Shelley and Lord Byron. These villas offer not only luxurious comfort, but also a glimpse into the lives of those who have been captivated by Lerici’s attractiveness.

Activies on the land and at the sea

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Lerici, with its fascinating blend of coastal beauty and historic charm, offers a wide range of activities to suit every traveler’s interests. The azure waters of the Ligurian Sea invite sailing enthusiasts to set sail along the coast, embracing the gentle sea breeze. Kayaking and paddleboarding offer more intimate ways to explore hidden coves and secret beaches that adorn the coast. Snorkeling and diving reveal a vibrant underwater world where colorful marine life thrives among rock formations.

Lerici’s coastline is graced with scenic trails that cater to hikers of all levels. The renowned Sentiero Azzurro, part of the Cinque Terre trails, stretches through Lerici, offering breathtaking views of the sea and surrounding landscape. This trail is perfect for those seeking a relaxing walk, while more experienced hikers can venture deeper into the Apuan Alps, from green alpine pastures to majestic peaks. There is no shortage for climbing enthusiasts of sheer cliffs where the colors of rock and sea mixed together provide unique sessions at the end of which one can treat oneself to a rejuvenating bath.

Speaking of adrenaline sports again, but on two wheels, mountain bike trails lead through forests and hills, rewarding cyclists with panoramic views at every turn.

Bathing establishments such as Baia Blu or Eco del Mare offer the chance to relax on a comfortable sunbed, and there is no shortage of yoga sessions on the beach lulled by the sound of sea waves.