Forte we love you

Mountains embrace beaches, culture meets good taste, art invades the streets, genuine food and starred restaurants. Luxury is silence, privacy, feeling at home.

If you want to spend a holiday by the sea but, at the same time, dedicate yourself to cultural visits and sightseeing tripsForte dei Marmi is the place for you, as it combines all these aspects, offering numerous options for choosing what to do and what see.

Forte dei Marmi, with its high-class clubs and shops, has managed to select an elite tourism and is one of the most exclusive tourist destinations in Italy.

Walking through its streets or attending its premises, it is not difficult to meet VIPs or celebrities.




The city developed its tourist vocation becoming the important center that we all know and reaching its maximum splendor in the 60s when it was elected as the summer home of the most prestigious Italian families who erected their villas with lush and flourishing lawn gardens planted with palms, cypresses and various shrubs, in the pine forest of Roma Imperiale.

Its tourist vocation has also been facilitated by its favorable geographical position: in fact there is no need to travel far to visit some of the most beautiful cities of art in Tuscany. Both Florence, Lucca and Pisa are easily reachable within a short distance and the Cinque Terre can be reached in less than an hour by car.

The site, a UNESCO heritage site, is made up of the five seaside villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Corniglia and Monterosso between sky and sea. Each characterized by its own personal charm that can be savored in the narrow and steep streets of the center and on the panoramic trails further upstream including the famous “Via dell’Amore”.

Whoever discovers Forte dei Marmi falls in love above all with the wonderful unspoiled nature that surrounds the town. The attention and care of the environment, from public spaces to private gardens, from beaches to pine forests.

With its 500 years of history, Forte dei Marmi is not just a beach and a bicycle: museums, villas, squares, works of art, exhibitions and cultural events populate the streets of the town all year round.

Impossible to get bored, you will be free to leave the car and move by foot or by bicycle, enjoying the serenity and freedom of a truly special place.

Those seeking relaxation can enjoy the beach early in the morning, the traditional Forte market, with the historic stalls; savory, traditional and unique scones; the aperitif in one of the many bars on the square; a walk in the evening, along the pier or among the glittering windows of the renowned boutiques in the center.

Culture lovers will adore the numerous classical and pop music concerts, exhibitions, debates, events and book presentations; unforgettable performances at Villa Bertelli or Forte Lorenese, as well as the well-known Festival of Political Satire.




The symbol of Forte dei Marmi, in the center of the city, is “Il Fortino”, a fortress built in 1788 by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopoldo I of Lorraine to make the site safe, but still marshy, undergoing reclamation and to promote urban settlement. .

Today this building is immersed in a modern urban context consisting of a grid of tree-lined streets.

Continuing towards the sea, it is possible to admire the loading pier that was used to embark the large marble blocks leaving for the whole world and today used only as a tourist destination.

For every tourist who has frequented this location, there will certainly be a memory for walks on the pier that juts out into the sea for 300 meters and the well-kept beach that offers all the comforts and comforts.

Bike rides along the tree-lined avenues, the scent of the sea, the moments in which to meet up with friends for an aperitif after a quiet day spent at the beach.


Of great interest is the entire urban layout and in particular the most exclusive district, “Roma Imperiale”, a luxury residential area which is characterized by the presence of large stately villas, dating back to different eras accompanied by splendid and lush gardens and built with a great variety of architectural styles, designed by the best architects such as Michelucci, Giò Ponti and Pagano, as well as some buildings such as the Villa Agnelli, today Hotel Augustus, with its underpass that leads directly to the sea shore.

Roma Imperiale with its location and the type of property present make it the most exclusive and luxurious place to buy a house in Forte dei Marmi.