Coronavirus: Italy is the safest country in the world

Boasting the best health care in the world, also guaranteed to those who visit the country, Italy is the safest country in the Coronavirus crisis

Italy – Sunday 23 February 2020 in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis, with civil protection messages, they informed us that from the following Monday everything would have stopped to contain the expansion of the virus.

The country has fallen into a sort of hypnosis, the government updated the spread of the pandemic several times a day, from the civil protection room, with a dangerous race among the governors of the regions to make increasingly restrictive decisions, in addition to the closure of the schools, football stadiums, cinemas, theaters, even the courts closed, the Salone del Mobile in Milan postponed to June.

You could go on this for pages and pages instead dear friends we are here to tell you that in Italy everything is OK!

This is a flu, it is not a plague and to be honest, it is not the toughest flu ever.

Let’s not forget that ITALY is the country with one of the best health care in the world. Health in Italy is a primary right for everyone, even for you, when you visit this wonderful country.

Milan is not controlled by the military police, people live, walk and work. Our health authorities have decided to stop many activities involving large communities, such as schools, gyms, cinemas, concerts ONLY to reduce the risk of contamination.

We had roughly 1600 positive cases just because we tested nearly 30,000 of 60 million people.

In the United States to date we have had about 40 cases of Coronavirus out of about 800 tests (see here)… it means that the incidence in Italy is 3%, in the United States 5%, ONLY 800 tests out of 300 million people.

The real virus we have to deal with is ignorance.

Ignorance of the complaint against the Chinese; ignorance of the press, ignorance of many opinion leaders, ignorance of many Italian politicians, ignorance of the foreign press.

Spring is near, summer is not too far away. Buy a ticket, book a hotel room and come to Italy. You will find sun, food, fun, culture and art!

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