The fate of the real estate will be based on the territories

Le nostre esigenze sono cambiate per sempre e giocheranno un ruolo chiave nell’acquisto della nostra nuova casa

Past experiences must create awareness and what we are experiencing today reveals the strengths and weaknesses of our homes, setting new standards for the real estate sector, in particular in the livability of our home, as was illustrated in the previous article Home will no longer be the same after 2020”.

The imperative will be knowing how to create value, knowing how to recreate a new habitability, only in this way will there be a future. All this starts from the infrastructures, the public spaces and the safety of people. We have to make a country like a living room. We have to make many living rooms around our magnificent cities.

The model Forte dei Marmi

Certainly an example is Forte dei Marmi, a municipality that does not rest on its glories in a prestigious tourist destination. Thanks to its administration and its economic actors is always looking for the creation of value in terms of hospitality, attention to detail, quality trade, all without forgetting the public greenery and urban decor.

All these attentions have generated a high standard of living, high-level tourism, above-average real estate values ​​even in times of crisis in the sector, making it become a popular location for those who want to buy a house.

It is true that Forte dei Marmi starts from a privileged position, but the thought is that each city must pay attention to its territory, having vision, care, of course without losing the sense of belonging and maintaining its origins.

Our historic centers are a unique and unrepeatable distinctive element compared to other realities in the world, we must transmit and pass these riches on to operators, inhabitants, and trigger a perpetual virtuous circle.

The real estate agent will play an even more important role in the future of real estate

Today, more than ever, we are asked to have a vision of tomorrow, even in the real estate sector, it is important because it has always been a sector that has repercussions on many realities, it is a flywheel that we cannot ignore.

Real estate is a locomotive that creates economies of scale, must be protected and facilitated. It is estimated that 75% of Italians have their own home, but who will tomorrow’s buyers be? We must focus on the ability to attract, seduceand fascinate.

In the future, the role of the real estate agent will be even more important, we should become “Promoters of the beauty of the territories”, an extension of the profession, to help express value. There is a need to create beauty, pleasantness and we must have the ability to communicate it.

It is not enough to renovate, today it is often badly renovated, instead of increasing value we decrease it. We have to rethink the whole system from ground zero.

The perfect combination: our service in exclusive places

The Dream Real Estate operates in unique contexts, we are able to provide high-level services from the care of the negotiation to the renovation or new construction, creating or converting your home to the home of the future today.

Our team of experts will walk by your side with seriousness, authority and availability.

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